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HostNoc Coupon Code & Promos

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  • Limited Time Sale

HostNoc Promo Code- Grab 25% Discount On All Web Hosting Plan Start at $3.74/m

HostNoc Offers Linux Shared & Windows Shared Hosting Packages On Web Hosting Plan at 25% Discounted Price.It Is Simple,Powerful & Reliable, It Also Give Daily Backups, Unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL.

  • Limited Time Sale

HostNoc- Get 25% Off On Managed WordPress Hosting Plans Starts at $11.25 /Month

HostNoc offers 25% Off On Managed WordPress Hosting Plans Starts at $11.25 /Month

  • Limited Time Sale

HostNoc- Big Save! 25% Off On Managed Cloud Hosting Plans, Start at $11.25 /Month

HostNoc offers 25% Off On Managed Cloud Hosting plans, Starts at $11.25 per month

  • Limited Time Sale

HostNoc- Flat 25% Off On VPS Hosting Plan Start at $12.75/m

HostNoc offers 25% Off On VPS Hosting Plan Start at $12.75/month. It Offers HN-SSD I Server, 2 vCPU Cores, Unmetered Bandwidth etc

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HostNoc- Big Offer! Flat 50% Off On Dedicated Servers Starts at $19.59 /Month

HostNoc Offer Flat 50% Off On Dedicated Servers. It Also Provide 1month Is Completely Free If You Buy 6Months Package & 2months Free For 12month Package. Also Give Unmetered Bandwidth & Daily Backups.

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HostNoc- Get 25% Off On Dedicated Business VPN at $11.99 /Month

HostNoc offers 25% Off On VPN Hosting at $11.99 /m. It Offers Real Public IP address, unlimited Bandwidth, 24/7 Support, 100% traffic encrypted

Product / Company Overview

HOSTNOC was founded in 2018 by a group of experts in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and network engineering. Their mission is to provide top-tier IT infrastructure, support, and security services while maintaining a strong focus on customer relationships and satisfaction.

They emphasize robust IT infrastructure and security solutions aimed at enhancing revenue streams, operational efficiencies, and profitability for their clients. HOSTNOC strives to deliver delightful customer experiences through empathy and warmth, ensuring that every product and service is customer-centric.

They are dedicated to adopting next-generation technologies to help their clients navigate future challenges and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. HOSTNOC operates data centers in multiple locations worldwide, including major cities in the United States and Europe, ensuring global coverage and compliance with regional regulations.

HOSTNOC Offers and Deals

1. - 25% Discount On All Web Hosting Plan 

Description: HostNoc is currently running a promotion where they offer a 25% discount on all their web hosting plans. These plans include both Linux Shared Hosting and Windows Shared Hosting packages. The discounted price starts at $3.74 per month.

2. Save 25% On Managed WordPress Hosting Plans 

Description: HostNoc is offering a 25% discount on their Managed WordPress Hosting plans, which start at $11.25 per month after applying the discount. This offer is ideal for individuals, bloggers, businesses, or agencies using WordPress who seek hassle-free hosting with premium features and support.

3. Managed Cloud Hosting Plans, Start at only $11.25 /Month

Description: HostNoc is promoting a 25% discount on their Managed Cloud Hosting plans, which start at $11.25 per month after applying the discount.

How to apply?

  • Visit HOSTNOC Website: Check the official site at

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  • Choose a Plan: Explore the variety of plans offered and select the one that best suits your requirements.

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  • Click 'Order Now' to proceed and fill in the necessary configuration details, including your domain name, to proceed with your hosting setup.

  • Enter Your Details: Provide the required information related to the server configuration and click on “Checkout.”

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  • Finalize Your Purchase: Review all details for accuracy before entering your payment information to finalize your purchase. Once the transaction is successful, HOSTNOC will send you a confirmation email containing your selected plan details and any applicable discounts.

HostNoc Plans and services

HOSTNOC has a team of 50+ IT experts skilled in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, supporting 500+ happy clients across diverse sectors. They manage 700+ websites, mobile apps, and custom web apps. Customer support is a priority with a strong knowledge base, ticket system, and direct contact.

Here is a detailed overview of their services:

Dedicated Servers: HOSTNOC offers dedicated server hosting solutions in both Linux and Windows environments. Dedicated servers provide exclusive use of physical hardware, offering high performance, security, and control. Dedicated servers ensure consistent and reliable performance, ideal for high-traffic websites or applications that require intensive resources.

Cloud Hosting: It provides cloud hosting solutions designed for scalability, reliability, and flexibility. Cloud hosting allows businesses to scale resources up or down based on demand, ensuring efficient resource allocation and cost-effectiveness. High availability and uptime are achieved through redundant infrastructure and load-balancing capabilities.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers): The company offers VPS hosting, providing virtualized environments that behave like dedicated servers within a shared physical server infrastructure. VPS hosting provides a balance between performance and cost, making it suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and applications with moderate traffic.

Cybersecurity: HOSTNOC delivers comprehensive solutions to protect clients' digital assets and data from evolving cyber threats. Their VPN services secure and encrypt connections, safeguarding data across networks, while robust firewall solutions monitor and control network traffic to prevent unauthorized access and attacks.

Application Hosting: It specializes in tailored hosting solutions for various applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. They optimize hosting environments specifically for applications like CMS and CRM software. Their commitment to high availability and uptime guarantees consistent access to critical applications.

Database Hosting: The company  provides services dedicated to managing and optimizing databases, crucial for businesses reliant on data-driven operations and applications. Expert management of databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others, ensuring efficient storage, retrieval, and management of data.

Domain Registration: It manages domain registration and provides domain management services, ensuring clients have secure and accessible online identities. Facilitation of domain registration processes, helping clients secure their desired domain names.

E-commerce Hosting: The company optimizes hosting solutions specifically for e-commerce platforms, supporting businesses in managing online stores efficiently and securely. Hosting environments designed to handle the demands of e-commerce applications, including high traffic and transaction volumes.